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ICASM 2013

Dear Friends,

A few short days ago we were still in the hall at the Inbal listening to an excellent collection of presentations and now almost everyone has returned – hopefully safely – home, even though some hardy souls are still touring around and getting their fill of the region.

So, all good things have to come to an end.  I, for one, feel very grateful for all the new knowledge that I gained, the fresh doors that opened and, most importantly to me, for all the new friendships made.

I would like to personally thank you all for helping to make this congress a success. The success of any gathering is created by the participants. In our case it was the content of the science and the spirit of the delegates. Each and every one of you helped to make this an event that, hopefully, will remain a positive memory for a long time. We realize that it was not easy for many of you to come because of all the hurdles that were put in the way of this congress – ranging from the economic problems in Europe, the sequestration in the US, the strike of our Foreign Ministry, summer holidays everywhere, the demonstrations of “brotherly love” in our northern neighbor, and to cap it off – the governmental freeze in the US! Yet despite all this, there was an amazing turnout.

The congress might be over but that is not the end! So as to keep the “flame alive” for a bit longer we plan a number of things, courtesy of the website.

Firstly, within a short time the photos taken during the congress will be posted to the congress website.  We hope that this will act as a catalyst for others who would like to post their own pictures and thereby form a repository of all the photos taken.

Secondly, the presentations - most will be available, together with the abstracts of course, on the website for some time.

The Allard lecture which proved to be very popular is also available on the site. Prof. Leshem has kindly made his complete presentation available. Beware – it is a VERY big file but, with patience, can be downloaded.

Many people wish to maintain contact or to initiate contact with other participants. Although for reasons of privacy we cannot post the list of participants, if you will send us an email asking for a given contact we shall forward it to the recipient (if we have the address) and they will of course be at liberty to continue the contact off-line.

Finally I would like to take this opportunity to thank our team at Paragon, many of whom you met personally, for all their help. Without them this would not have been possible.


We look forward to seeing you at the next ICASM in Mexico and hopefully also at AsMA in San Diego.

With best wishes,


Yehezkel G. Caine M.D., M.Sc.
ICASM 2013

We look forward to greeting you at the congress.

We look forward to greeting you at the congress.